November 23

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ATF / Philadelphia Police Department

In October 2004, Philadelphia Police Department responded to a drug-related shooting where one victim was shot three times during an argument with four males. From 2004 to 2006, ATF led a complex undercover task force investigation of the “Take Down Records Gang,” an armed drug trafficking conspiracy that operated in Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Jersey, and Delaware. In the end, the task force executed 33 search warrants, recovered 33 firearms, and seized over $1.2 million in cash. Using NIBIN, Philadelphia Police Department was able to link two pistols, recovered from two of the search warrant locations, to the shooting incident. Federal prosecutors identified that shooting in the indictment as an overt act of the conspiracy. Ultimately, 14 defendants pled guilty to Federal Firearms, drug trafficking, conspiracy or money laundering crimes. In April 2009, the leader of the conspiracy was sentenced to life imprisonment.


Last Reviewed April 27, 2018