Can item 26.b. on Form 4473, “Supplemental Government Issued Documentation,” be used to document a transferee’s additional government-issued documentation that establishes the transferee’s full legal name and/or current residence address?

Yes. Item 26.b. on Form 4473 (formerly item 18.b. on the 2016 Form 4473) is used in instances where a single government-issued identification document is not endorsed with the transferee’s full legal name and/or current residence address as recorded in items 9 and 10, respectively, and the transferee presents a combination of valid government-issued documents satisfy the identification document requirement.

An example of this may include an individual who recently changed his/her name due to a change in marital status. ATF Ruling 2001-5 states that federal firearms licensees (FFLs) may accept a combination of valid government-issued documents to satisfy the identification document requirements of the Brady Act. The required valid government-issued photo identification document bearing the name, photograph, and date of birth of the transferee may be supplemented by another valid, government-issued document showing the transferee's residence address or full legal name.

These supplemental documents must be issued by a government entity. Documents that will typically meet these requirements include a tax bill, vehicle registration, and voter identification card.

Documents issued by private companies or individuals (rental documents, leases, cable bills, phone bills, credit card bills, bank documents, etc.) may not be used as supplemental identification documents for the purchase or acquisition of a firearm.

[18 U.S.C. 922(t)(1)(C), 27 CFR 478.102(a)(3) and 478.124(c)(3)(i)]

Last Reviewed July 8, 2021