Can the manufacturer submit additional lot numbers, if needed, as a result of lot “slippage” or a change in lot number mid-production due to unforeseen issues? If so, how should this be done?

Yes, so long as unforeseen additional or changed lot numbers and total rounds produced under the discontinued lot number are identified, and attached to a copy of any previous correspondence regarding this same contract.  Any such additions or changes must be provided to ATF prior to the initiation of the new manufacturing process/production run to: or mailed to Marking Variances-2016-5, 244 Needy Road, Suite 1600, Martinsburg, WV 25405. 

However, if anything other than year and/or month of manufacture changes to the sequential lot number, an entirely new notice is required.

Changes in lot numbers throughout the fulfillment of the IDIQ contract due to new requests made against the contract do not count as lot “slippage” or “unforeseen issues.”  Production pursuant to new requests or purchase orders under IDIQ contracts is considered new production and requires new notifications for each production run.

Last Reviewed January 25, 2017