Do law enforcement officers who are subject to restraining orders and who receive and possess firearms for purposes of carrying out their official duties violate the law?

No. Although generally the Gun Control Act (GCA) prohibits the receipt and possession of firearms and ammunition by persons subject to disqualifying restraining orders, the GCA does not prohibit a law enforcement officer subject to a restraining order from receiving or possessing firearms or ammunition for use in performing official duties. Possession of the firearm for official purposes while off duty would be lawful if such possession is required or authorized by law or by official departmental policy. An officer subject to a disabling restraining order would violate the law if the officer received or possessed a firearm or ammunition for other than official use.

[18 U.S.C. 921(a)(32), 922(g)(8) and 925(a)(1); 27 CFR 478.11, 478.32 and 478.141]

Last Reviewed January 30, 2020