Does the marking variance extend to sub-contractors associated with the contract?

 In order to utilize this variance, each sub-contractor must hold a contract, award, purchase order or other satisfactory documentation issued by the prime contractor, identifying the applicable USG contract number, and providing that the sub-contractor assents to all “flow-down” compliance requirements and limitations of the USG contract.  Additionally, they must be an appropriately licensed manufacturer, and SOT holder.  The sub-contractor’s unique manufacturer’s identification symbols shall be applied according to MIL-STD1168C and MIL-STD-130. 

Each subcontractor is then responsible for all compliance and reporting requirements for manufacturing pursuant to that sub-contract, as delineated above.  The sub-contractor would need to supply, upon request by any ATF officer, all required information specified in ATF Ruling 2016-5.

Last Reviewed January 25, 2017