If a licensed auctioneer is making sales of firearms, where may those sales be made?

In a consignment auction, firearms may be displayed at an auction site away from the auctioneer’s licensed premises and sales of the firearms can be agreed upon at that location, but the firearms must be returned to the auctioneer’s licensed premises prior to transfer. The simultaneous sale and delivery of the auctioned firearms away from the licensed premises would violate the law, for example, engaging in business at an unlicensed location.

However, if the auctioneer is assisting an estate in disposing of firearms, the estate is the seller of the firearms and the estate is in control and possession of the firearms. In this situation, the firearms may be sold by the estate at the auction site.

[18 U.S.C. 923(a); 27 CFR 478.50]

Last Reviewed July 14, 2020