What information must be supplied to ATF prior to engaging in the manufacturing process?

The following information must be provided in a typed (not hand written) format;

1.  Manufacturer’s name
2.  Manufacturer’s address
3.  Current federal firearms license number and Special Occupational Tax (SOT) Stamp
4.  USG contract number and name of prime contractor (if manufacturer is not the prime on the USG contract)
5.  Sequential lot numbers to be used
6.  What is being manufactured
7.  Quantity of devices to be produced under the USG contract

Note: For Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts, or any manufacturing pursuant to sub-contracts, the quantity listed should be the quantity specified in the applicable contract award or purchase order.

8.  Quantity of devices to be produced under the lot number

If both a prime contractor and a sub-contractor will be manufacturing pursuant to the same USG contract, the prime contractor must submit the information listed above as well as the following regarding the sub-contractor’s role in the applicable USG contract;

9.  Subcontractor’s name(s) to be used in the manufacturing process
10. Subcontractor’s address
11. Subcontractor’s FFL number and SOT
12. Subcontractor’s sequential lot numbers to be used
13. Subcontractor’s amount to be produced under this lot number.

In the scenario where both the prime and the sub-contractor are manufacturing under the same USG contract, the sub-contractor remains responsible for its own, separate submission of the information required in points 1 through 8.

This information should be sent to USGMarking.Variances@atf.gov or mailed to Marking Variances-2016-5, 244 Needy Road, Suite 1600, Martinsburg, WV 25405.

This information must be supplied, or post marked, to ATF at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of the initiation of the manufacturing process / production run.

Last Reviewed January 25, 2017