What may a licensee do at an out–of–State gun show?

A licensee may only display and take orders for firearms at an out–of–State gun show. In filling any orders for firearms, the licensee must return the firearms to his or her licensed premises and deliver them from that location. Any firearm ordered by a nonlicensee must be delivered or shipped from the licensee’s premises to a licensee in the purchaser’s State of residence, and the purchaser must obtain the firearm from the licensee located in the purchaser’s State. A licensee is prohibited from transferring firearms to another licensee at an out–of–State gun show, except where the firearm being transferred is a curio or relic.

[18 U.S.C. 922(a)(1), (b)(3), 923(a) and (j); 27 CFR 478.100]
Last Reviewed September 10, 2015