Submitting Firearms Trace Requests

Submit Firearms Trace Request

To fill out a firearms trace request click here. The completed trace request can be emailed ( or faxed (1-800-578-7223, or non-toll free 304-260-0380) to the ATF National Tracing Center. For assistance, contact the Firearms Tracing Branch by telephone at 800-788-7133.

Submit Firearms Trace Request Electronically via eTrace

To submit a firearms trace request using eTrace, you must first have an account. To learn more about eTrace and open an account, click here.

Submit URGENT Firearms Trace Request

To submit an urgent firearms trace request, contact the Urgent Trace Group by telephone at 800-788-7133. To submit an urgent firearms trace request after regular business hours*, contact the National Enforcement Operations Center (NEOC) at 202-927-7777. *Regular business hours of operation for the National Tracing Center are Monday thru Friday, 6:00 AM to 11:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Submit Firearms Trace Request for Firearm with Obliterated Serial Number

To fill out a firearms trace request for a firearm with an obliterated serial number, download and complete the National Tracing Center Request form and be as specific as possible when completing Part IX – Obliterated Serial Number Information.  A successful trace of a firearm with a fully obliterated serial number to a purchaser is not possible. However, the recovery information (recovery location, possessor, associates, etc.) that you provide may be helpful to law enforcement.  For assistance or for more information on firearms with obliterated serial numbers, contact the Obliterated Serial Number Program at 800-788-7133 or by email at .

Request Certified Trace Request

To request a Certified Trace Request for court testimony or other purposes, contact the Law Enforcement Support Branch by telephone at 800-788-7133.

Last Reviewed June 5, 2017