Explosives Open Letters

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National-Feb2010-Open Letter-Locking Requirements for Portable Type-5 Magazines (55.06 KB)
The purpose of this memorandum is in response to inquiries regarding ATF's determination on the locking requirements for portable Type-5 magazines commonly referred to as ocean freight containers, sea containers, or ISO containers.
National-May2008-Open Letter-Interpretation of Fireworks Recordkeeping (127.66 KB)
This is an interpretation letter for the fireworks industry pertaining to the tracking of individual fireworks shells by utilizing the “date/shift code” in the required records of disposition.
National-Nov2001-Open Letter-Mail Submitted to ATF by FFLs and FELs (92.18 KB) This open letter is to inform Federal explosives licensees that ATF has not received mail since October 25, 2001.
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