Can a Type 01 FFL accept a firearm from a non-licensee, mount a scope and return the firearm to the original owner on the same day without recording the firearm into the acquisition and disposition (A&D) record and completing an ATF Form 4473?

The final rule clarifies that licensed dealers (including gunsmiths), manufacturers, and importers may conduct same day adjustments or repairs to firearms without recording them as acquisitions or dispositions, provided they are returned to the person from whom they were received on the same day.  A licensed gunsmith may attach a scope (including drilling, if required) on a non-licensee customer’s firearm (not for sale or distribution) and is not required to be licensed as a manufacturer. This activity would be considered an adjustment, and if returned to the person from whom received on the same day, no entry into the acquisition and disposition record would be required. The mounting of a scope would also be considered a “customization” of the firearm, accordingly, no ATF Form 4473 is required to be completed, provided the licensee returns the firearm to the person from whom it was received.  However, the firearm must be logged in the licensee’s A&D record if it is kept overnight. 

Last Reviewed July 22, 2022