About the Seattle Field Division

Welcome to Seattle Field Division, ATF’s largest geographic division in the country. We cover Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii and Guam. Our dedicated work force is comprised of special agents, investigators, auditors, technicians and support staff.

ATF has the duty to regulate the firearms and explosives industries. Our goal is to ensure that all firearms and explosives are stored, handled and sold in a safe and legal manner. In the Northwest, this includes construction and mining industries who use explosives routinely in their business.

In addition to regulatory functions, the investigative priorities of the Seattle Field Division include firearms trafficking, gang violence, bombings/explosives and tobacco diversion. The modernization of our National Firearms Tracing Center and the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network has contributed to the success of these initiatives. ATF Seattle is committed to reducing violent crime in our neighborhoods and has created a multi-agency Violent Crime Gang Task Force in partnership with state and local law enforcement agencies. Some of our more notable violent crime investigations have involved the Bandidos, East African Posse and Surenos gangs. Seattle is also home to a robust Crime Gun Intelligence Center.

ATF Seattle proactively investigates violations of federal law pertaining to firearms, arson and explosives. We work jointly with state and local fire departments and police departments in a myriad of complex investigations, to include serial arsons, fatality bombings and domestic/ international firearms trafficking.

We encourage all residents in the Seattle Field Division to be diligent in the fight against crime and to get involved in their communities. For additional resources, information, questions and opportunities - please give us a call. Our phone number is (206) 204-3205.

Jonathan E. Blais

Last Reviewed December 20, 2023