About the Washington Field Division

Welcome to the ATF Washington Field Division. Our division is responsible for ATF criminal enforcement and industry regulatory activities in the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our dedicated work force is comprised of special agents, investigators, auditors, technicians and support staff.

ATF is committed to reducing violent crime in our neighborhoods. ATF’s Washington Field Division special agents combat firearms violence by focusing their investigative efforts on armed violent offenders, career criminals, gun traffickers, gangs and tobacco diversion. Washington Field Division special agents work side by side with the local, state, and federal partners to put the “worst of the worst” in jail so the citizens can enjoy their community and neighborhoods.

Explosives and arson enforcement is an integral part of ATF’s overall violent crime reduction strategy. ATF’s Washington Field Division special agents combat arson and explosives-related crimes by conducting independent investigations and by working in partnership with local and state fire investigators and police bomb squads. In the District of Columbia ATF has formed an arson task force with the Metropolitan Police Department and the DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department that responds to fires where there are injuries or fatalities.

ATF also has the duty of regulating the firearms and explosives industries. Our industry operations investigators work to ensure that all firearms and explosives are stored, handled and sold in a safe manner according to law.

We encourage all residents to get involved and assist us in our goal of reducing crime in our communities. Give us a call and let us know what we can do for you. Our phone number is (202) 648-8010.

Craig B. Kailimai
Special Agent in Charge

Last Reviewed September 5, 2023