Caribbean-American Heritage Month Employee Reflections Anitra Gallion

Anitra GallionAnitra Gallion is an information technology specialist working in ATF’s Office of Science and Technology. She has also worked within ATF’s Office of the Ombudsperson. Gallion’s desire for career advancement led her to join ATF 27 years ago.

Family Motivation

Gallion credits her elders for the hard-working mentality she has developed over the years. Watching them work hard to make ends meet, as well as being the eldest child among her siblings and having to lend a helping hand, made her appreciate life, honesty, family, and friendships. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and believes in the value of encouraging others during their various journeys in life. Reflecting on the importance of this type of encouragement, she states, “It is a driving force behind helping each generation become better people.”

Celebration of Caribbean Heritage and Diversity

Gallion believes National Caribbean-American Heritage Month is a step in the right direction for the country. She believes it puts the spotlight on learning Caribbean-American culture, achievements, diversity from within, and the history behind certain beliefs and values. She exclaims, “It’s a celebration of diversity!”

She also thinks it’s important for Caribbean-Americans to continue joining the federal workforce. It fosters the growth of diversity and provides opportunities for many people with varying backgrounds. She believes diversity develops a platform for people to provide well-rounded input and encourage positive change.

Gallion states, “The federal workforce should continue to support programs offering diversity and the teaching of differences, cultures and change so we can one day erase racism. We should continue to have programs, employee groups and opportunities to encourage and support inclusiveness for the Caribbean-American community.” She encourages people with similar backgrounds to hers to apply at ATF, even offering to help them apply, if needed.

Reflecting on the Importance National Caribbean-American Heritage Month

Gallion sees the importance of National Caribbean-American Heritage Month in the celebration of achievements, music, arts, foods, and contributions of the Caribbean-American people. She hopes, with time, this educational celebration will help break the systematic barriers Caribbean-Americans have faced. She hopes the opportunities this month provides, encourages people to look at everyone equally and without judgement.

Last Reviewed July 3, 2023