Rapid Response Teams

The nation has experienced an increase in high-profile criminal activities conducted by transnational criminal organizations interested in advancing their criminal enterprises. Acts of violence have shattered families as well as threatened the safety of the community and law enforcement officials. In response to these emerging threats, ATF developed several advanced tactical teams who provide operational support with a goal of bringing our most violent criminals to justice.

ATF’s Special Response Teams (SRTs), National Response Teams (NRTs), and International Response Teams (IRTs) are ATF’s first line of defense for crisis response. They conduct high-risk law enforcement operations nationwide and support our partners overseas. The SRT portfolio includes executing search and arrest warrants, participating in undercover surveillance operations as well as serving on protective service operations. 

The teams include veteran special agents, canine handlers, certified fire investigators and forensic experts who apply their knowledge to help solve violent crimes. The NRTs, SRTs and IRTs are dedicated to the mission of keeping communities across the world safe.

Last Reviewed January 12, 2021