SRT Tactical Canine Program

A Special Response Team canine and handler repel down a training wallATF’s Special Response Teams (SRTs) rapidly deploy to support high-risk, multi-agency law enforcement operations. Their canine teams are trained to work in dangerous environments to locate violent criminals, find spent shell casings, and detect the scents of explosives and other volatile materials. Their hard work on joint investigations helps identify leads to the arrest violent offenders and put a stop to transnational criminal and terrorist activities. 

The SRT Tactical Canine Program matches ATF special agent canine handlers with highly trained German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinois canines. ATF has 10 tactical canine teams across the nation, each with two dogs. 

Training and Certification

Candidates for SRT canine teams participate in a rigorous six-month training program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick, Georgia to strengthen their operational capabilities. The handler and canine are constantly evaluated throughout the basic training program. They must successfully complete a variety of real world scenarios to pass the demanding certification process.   

Special Response Team K-9 Nash Combating Violent Crime 

SRT canine teams provide advanced search, tracking and capture capabilities and improves the operational safety of the whole team. They have the knowledge, skills and abilities to go into some of the most volatile locations to find and arrest violent suspects. Their ability to quickly track and secure dangerous objects helps to keep the public safe and protect fellow members of the law enforcement community.  


Last Reviewed October 26, 2020