Italian American Heritage and Culture Month Employee Reflections: Christopher Arone

Christopher AroneChristopher Arone is a senior special agent and program manager in ATF’s Special Operations Division. Arone has dedicated 23 years of hard work to serving ATF. In addition to his current position, Arone has served as a special agent recruiter and public information officer.

Arone grew up with a family that emphasized to him that hard work pays off. Whatever he did, it was important to work hard, give it his all and perform to the best of his ability. Arone was inspired to seek a career at ATF because of his desire to join a team that focused on combating violent crime and safeguarding communities.

Importance of Diverse Voices in Law Enforcement

Arone believes diversity is necessary in law enforcement to provide representation for today’s society. He thinks it’s important for all nationalities and cultures, including Italian Americans, to join the federal workforce so that it can mirror today’s diverse society. He believes in the importance of equity to ensure everyone has the same opportunities to be successful.

When asked what advice he would give to someone with a similar background seeking to join ATF, he notes that ATF provides its workforce with a sense of belonging.

Reflecting on Italian American Heritage and Culture Month

During Italian American Heritage and Culture Month, Arone reflects on his Italian family upbringing and expresses gratitude for his family, who gave him the foundation to pursue his dreams. To Arone, this October is a great opportunity to celebrate Italian culture and increase awareness of the community’s contributions to art, style, engineering, history and cuisine.

Last Reviewed October 27, 2023