Donna and canine, Brooklyn, pose with multiple awardsDonna has enjoyed a nearly 35 year career with the ATF. She currently works as a Special Agent Canine Handler with her canine partner, Brooklyn, but she has held numerous positions over the years. Donna began her career as a secretary, then she took a position as an Industry Operations Investigator, and later she became a Special Agent. Donna has always been interested in arson and explosive investigations, so she jumped at the opportunity to become the handler of an explosive detection canine. When Donna started at ATF she did not have a college degree, but she was encouraged by an agent in her office to complete her coursework and pursue a Special Agent job. While maintaining a full-time career, Donna graduated from the California State University at Sacramento with a bachelor’s degree in English literature.

Being a canine handler is a full-time, seven day a week project, but Donna finds time for hobbies. She enjoys training with other canine teams, and she is a certified master gardener who spends her limited free time outside getting dirt under her nails.

Thank you, Donna, for almost 35 years of service to the ATF and for inspiring others to give back. We appreciate the unique qualities of each of our employees. It’s what makes ATF collectively better.

Last Reviewed July 23, 2020