Image of Nicole starting a marathon in ArizonaNicole, an ATF special agent and our Public Information Officer from the Houston Field Division, was interested in a career in law enforcement since she can remember. At age 18, she entered the field of criminal justice and has never looked back. Standing before an interview panel, she met a female law enforcement officer and was inspired to see a female in uniform. After having served with the Arlington Police Department for 12 years and being with ATF for 19 years, Nicole is now that inspiration for other women interested in the profession and wishing to make a difference in people’s lives.

Nicole enjoys running marathons and ultramarathons and makes it her mission to promote the great work of ATF. Now that’s inspiring! Thank you, Nicole, for encouraging others to meet their goals. We don’t all run marathons, but we do appreciate the unique qualities of each of our employees. It’s what makes ATF collectively better. 


A Day in the Life: Nicole Strong

Last Reviewed April 17, 2020