Stephen stands behind his desk.Stephen is a Senior Forensic Auditor in the Houston Field Division who previously served as an Industry Operations Investigator. He has worked 15 years at ATF and has an additional 17 years in law enforcement. Prior to starting his ATF career, Stephen held a peace officer certification and worked multiple investigative positions throughout Texas.

He appreciates the variety in the types of cases ATF works and he really enjoys finding the small clues that end up resolving cases. Stephen values education and holds bachelor’s degrees in accounting, finance, economics and a master’s degree in business administration. Stephen also holds several professional certifications to include Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Protection Professional, and Certified Cyber Intelligence Investigator. When not at work, Stephen enjoys sports and spending time with his family. He volunteers as a middle and high school basketball coach for a school that has won the last two state championships. Stephen has also been practicing Tan Soo Do karate for the last two years.

Thank you, Stephen, for over 30 years of contributions to law enforcement. We appreciate the unique qualities of each of our employees. It’s what makes ATF collectively better.

Last Reviewed June 30, 2020