I have read about Student Loan Repayment Programs (SLRP) and would be very interested in being considered. How may I know whether I qualify?

The following conditions must usually be met to justify the payment of a SLRP benefit based on recruitment needs:

  1. The candidate must be highly qualified for the position.
  2. In the absence of a SLRP incentive, the candidate would be unwilling to accept the position.
  3. ATF would have difficulty filling the position if the candidate declines the position.

SLRP is typically reserved for hard to fill positions where a low number of highly qualified applicants apply. The job announcement will typically indicate if the hiring manager is willing offer an SLRP to an applicant as well. Offering this incentive is at the discretion of the hiring manager. Recipients will be determined on a case-by-case basis based on organizational need, specific case justification and budget limitations. You can read more about the Student Loan Repayment Program on OPM’s website.

Last Reviewed February 29, 2024