I submitted my CV with the dates and titles of all my positions, along with a listing of publications. Yet, I was found not qualified and the reason was because my application did not provide enough information. Why is this?

As stated on our vacancy announcements, in order to be able to properly evaluate you experience and qualifications for the position, we need:

  1. Job title.
  2. Name of employer.
  3. Beginning and ending dates of employment (month/day/year format).
  4. Hours worked per week. We will assume full-time unless otherwise stated. We will prorate part-time employment in crediting experience.
  5. Detailed description of job duties, related skillsĀ and responsibilities; including any supervisory/managerial responsibilities and number of staff supervised (if applicable). This information is necessary to determine whether you meet minimum eligibility requirements for the position. Please review the qualifications section in the job announcement closely and directly address the education, skillsĀ and experience required in your resume.
  6. Series and grade or equivalent (if a federal position)

A CV listing positions and dates does not allow a Human Resources office to properly evaluate your qualifications. Your resume or CV must provide details thoroughly describing how your skills and experiences align with the criteria defined in the qualifications section of the job announcement and support your responses to the assessment questionnaire. Federal Human Resources professionals operate under various federal employment laws, rules, and regulations. We are prohibited from drawing conclusions or making assumptions regarding your experience or qualifications. It is up to you to describe your past work experience in detail by providing examples related to those listed in the requirements section of the job announcement.

Last Reviewed March 1, 2024