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Eugene Jackson

Name:  Eugene Jackson

Date of Birth:  1898

Date of Death: 07/31/1932

Location of Death:  Chicago, Illinois









Prohibition Agent Eugene Jackson and Narcotic Inspector James Fletcher were in the vicinity of 3806 South Parkway, Chicago, when they observed what appeared to be a delivery of moonshine liquor. A man, later identified as Drew Clark, was observed entering a nearby residence carrying a package resembling a gallon of whiskey.  When Clark later departed empty handed, Agent Jackson approached him and negotiated for the purchase of a gallon of liquor for himself. Clark agreed to come back within the hour with another gallon of liquor for Agent Jackson, but apparently suspicious, he warned him that there would be trouble if he was "the police."

Clark returned and removed a gallon jug from his car and Agent Jackson paid him $1.  After the exchange, Agent Jackson identified himself and took hold of Clark to place him under arrest.  However, Clark broke free, drew a revolver and shot Agent Jackson twice. Inspector Fletcher arrived on the scene and tried to come to Agent Jackson's assistance, but Clark fired several shots at him and escaped. Agent Jackson was rushed to the local hospital, but died shortly thereafter. Drew Clark was later arrested and indicted for the murder of Agent Jackson.


Agent Jackson joined the Prohibition Unit on 9/12/1925, with an annual salary of $1,860.  He carried badge #477. Agent Jackson is the first known African-American special agent in the Bureau.


Agent Jackson was born in Washington, DC.  He was survived by his wife, Lilly Mae (nee Twitty) and his mother, Emma Jackson.