ATF Trailblazers

Paper boats leading the way to new horizons

Since its launch, the women and men of ATF combatted violent crime both domestically and internationally to keep this country safe. A significant part of ATF’s success is due to those who overcame obstacles in the pursuit of public service. Quite a number endured many difficult challenges, leading a select few to rise above those circumstances to become trailblazers.

ATF trailblazers regularly display courage and diligence to enact their groundbreaking milestones in law enforcement while excelling in their daily operations.


SA-CFI Cindy Chang removes a damaged roof from the Sunbelt Spa crime scene in Texas

Cindy Chang

First Asian American Woman Special Agent/Certified Fire Investigator and National Response Team Member

Special Agent Canine Handler George Goodman and K-9 Haiku search for bombs before Major League All-Star Game in Detroit

George Goodman

First African American Special Agent Canine Handler

Special Agent Canine Handler Grace Reisling and K-9 Charlie

Grace Reisling

Founder of ATF's Award-Winning Canine Program and First Special Agent Canine Handler

Special Agent Misty Waytes observes students at the range

Misty Waytes

First African American Woman Special Agent to Serve as the ATF Academy's Firearms Instructor Coordinator

Joseph Bertoni in his HQ office

Joseph Bertoni

Founder of ATF's Bomb Arson Tracking System (BATS)


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Last Reviewed December 8, 2021