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Homer Van Colley

Name:  Homer Van Colley

Date of Birth:  1890

Date of Death:  03/06/1945

Location of Death:  Emanuel County, GA









Special Agents Homer Colley and Jack Hicks were conducting surveillance on a still operated by Frank Dibbs near Midville, GA.  The agents split up and approached the still from different directions.  When Agent Cooley announced his identity and attempted to arrest him, Dibbs drew a .38 caliber revolver and fired several shots at both agents. Agent Colley was shot in the jaw and in the confusion, Dibbs escaped. Agent Colley was rushed to a local hospital by Agent Hicks and underwent surgery to remove the bullet.  He returned to limited duty, but complained about violent headaches up until his death. Agents later arrested Dibbs at his residence and recovered a .38 caliber revolver with three spent shells.  A ballistic examination later confirmed that this gun was the one used to shoot Agent Colley.


Agent Colley joined the Bureau of Prohibition on 10/3/1927, with an annual salary of $2,100.  He carried badge #1593.  Previously, he was a school principal.


Agent Colley was born in Nacoochee, GA.  He was survived by his wife.