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Hunter R. Stotler

Name:  Hunter Rizer Stotler

Date of Birth: 1875

Date of Death: 07/26/1927

Location of Death: Boonsboro, MD




Prohibition Agents Hunter Stotler, C. C. Jack and P. W. Parr traveled to Hagerstown, MD to interview a confidential informant about a 2000 gallon steam boiler still operating near Boonsboro, MD.  After the interview, Agents Jack and Parr returned to their hotel, while Agent Stotler remained.  They all agreed to meet the following day. The following morning, the agents were notified that Agent Stotler had been murdered.  An investigation revealed that Agent Stotler and the informant had left Hagerstown and driven to Boonsboro to interview another person.  Sometime afterwards, the informant killed Agent Stotler. He was later convicted at trial and sentenced to life imprisonment.


Agent Stotler joined the Prohibition Unit on 10/27/1925, at a salary of $2,500.  He was assigned to field offices in Roanoke, VA and Pittsburgh, PA.


Agent Stotler was born in Maryland.  He was survived by his wife.