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John O'Toole

Name:  John O'Toole

Date of Birth: 1870

Date of Death: 02/17/1922

Location of Death: San Francisco, CA



On 1/26/1922, Prohibition Agent John O'Toole and another agent stopped a vehicle transporting liquor in San Francisco, CA.  Agent O'Toole mounted the running board of the car and ordered the two suspects out of the vehicle.  One suspect pushed him as the vehicle accelerated to get away, causing Agent O'Toole to fall and be run over by a rear wheel. Agent O'Toole was rushed to the local hospital, but died the following day.  The suspects, Fred Dowd and Henry Hosea, were later taken into custody and charged with manslaughter by State authorities.


Agent O'Toole joined the Prohibition Unit on 8/27/1920, with an annual salary of $1,800.


Agent O'Toole was born in Virginia City, NV.  He was single.