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Robert E. Duff

Name:  Robert E. Duff

Date of Birth:  1874

Date of Death:  12/09/1922

Location of Death:  Menifee County, KY




Prohibition Agent Robert Duff, accompanied by other agents and local officers, was searching for stills in Menifee County, KY.  During the search, they came upon a log house and the distinctive odor of "mash" was evident.  As the agents attempted to open the front door, it suddenly burst open and a volley of shots was fired at the agents.  Agent Duff was killed instantly. A member of the notorious Ballard family was held responsible for the killing.


Agent Duff joined the Prohibition Unit on 10/28/1921, with an annual salary of $1,800.


Agent Duff was born in Bath, KY.  He was survived by his wife.