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Warren C. Frahm

Name:  Warren C. Frahm

Date of Birth:  1903

Date of Death: 06/19/1928

Location of Death:  Belmont, New York




Prohibition Agents Warren Frahm and Mervin Barnes were patrolling for rum-runners along the Chateaugay-Brainardsville Highway in Franklin County, NY.  Driving in separate Government vehicles, they observed two suspect cars loaded with whiskey and driving at a high rate of speed without lights.  As the agents pursued the two cars, the suspects split up, and each agent pursued one of the cars. Agent Barnes chased one lcar down a country road for 2-3 miles and found it mired in a muddy barnyard, but the driver had escaped. Agent Frahm pursued the other car at a high rate of speed, however, his car crashed and his body was later found alongside the roadway near his vehicle.  Later examination showed that the Government car had overturned several times.  It was speculated that the rum-runner probably forced him off the road. The suspects were never identified.


Agent Frahm joined the Prohibition Unit on 1/8/1926, with an annual salary of $1,860.


Agent Frahm was born in Dunkirk, NY.  He was single and survived by his father, Henry Frahm.