Anti-Firearms Trafficking Campaign

A man buys a gun illegally The United States continues to battle the ongoing problem of firearms smuggling at the northern and southern borders. Firearms trafficking occurs when individuals illegally purchase firearms in the United States and smuggle the weapons across the southern U.S. border into Mexico and into other countries. This educational campaign will also educate the public that there is no one face to firearms trafficking and everyone needs to know about these types of crimes and how to report them. 

Firearms are trafficked by many different individuals, groups, and criminal enterprises. A large number of firearms are procured in the U.S. by straw purchasing cells operating at the direction of cartels which are then smuggled across the southern U.S. border and into Mexico. Likewise in Canada, a number of organized crime groups fund the purchase and illegal transport of firearms up to Canada.

To combat these issues, ATF launched the Anti-Firearms Trafficking Public Safety Campaign in 2021. The campaign will focus on reducing gun trafficking and stopping illegal gun purchases for prohibited individuals at the border.

ATF’s Interagency Border Campaign has two specific goals: reduce gun trafficking and stop illegal gun purchases for prohibited individuals at the border. This campaign will also help to educate the public while encouraging them to get involved by sharing tips about these issues that negative impact the safety of the nation's local communities.

ATF's is partnering with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) along with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) on this strategic initiative.

Be a part from the start and help keep your local community safe by submitting anonymous tips today.

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Last Reviewed December 21, 2023