Doctor Drury

The Crime and Investigation

Inexplicably, Dr. Carl Drury asked a known ATF agent to locate a hit man for him in 2001. Drury and his wife had been having marital and financial difficulties. She unknowingly had a $1 million insurance policy on her life. Drury provided an undercover ATF agent, posing as a hit man, with a firearm, which, ironically, belonged to Mrs. Drury.

Image of Taurus, M-38, .38-caliber revolver

Image of Taurus, M-38, .38-caliber revolver

Taurus, M-38, .38-caliber revolver, which Dr. Drury gave to an undercover ATF Agent.

The Arrest and Adjudication

Drury provided details of his spouse's daily routine. When he telephoned the undercover agent with the instruction to "finish up," ATF and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested him. Convicted of five federal crimes, he received 204 months imprisonment and a $100,000 fine. His appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was denied.


Arrest Image of Doctor Drury

Image of Arrest Picture of Doctor Drury
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