Everett Eoff

The Crime and Investigation

During his 2002 incarceration in a federal detention center, Everett Eoff solicited for the murder of a federal prosecutor. His goal: to warn off witnesses planning to testify against him. Eoff met with an undercover ATF Agent and was recorded declaring his desire to have the prosecutor murdered.

Undercover Agent: Well, you got to let me know a little something about this guy so I can nail him down. Who is he?

Suspect: My prosecuter, Bruce...

Undercover Agent: When do you want him done?

Suspect: Three months ago (laughter).

Undercover Agent: How do you want him done? I can do him slow and hard or fast and easy.

Suspect: Up to you, man. The feds have got me on five charges now instead of two; one of them carries a 30-year minimum, carrying an explosive...

Undercover Agent: You sure you want me to go forward with this thing?

Suspect: If I wasn't, I wouldn't be here. I'm 40 years old, you think I want to spend the rest of my life in this joint?

Undercover Agent: When do you see Bruce...again?

Suspect: I go for an evidentiary hearing some time this month.

Undercover Agent: I think we're good, bro. It's all over but the crying.

Suspect: If it ain't, I go back to a hole.

The Arrest and Adjudication

In 2003, Eoff was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of solicitation to commit murder and solicitation of a crime of violence. He pled guilty and was sentenced to 270 months imprisonment.

Arrest Image of Everett Eoff

Image of Arrest Picture of Everett Eoff
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