Richard W. Jackson

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Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
December 16, 1920
Location of Death: 
Taylor County, GA

Circumstances of Death

Prohibition Agents Richard Jackson and S. J. Causy along with Police Captain Edward English raided and seized a still and arrested three suspects in Taylor County, GA.  While transporting the prisoners to the local jail, the agents came under attack from ambush by brothers, John and Napoleon Garrett.  The brothers, who actually owned the seized still, demanded that the prisoners be released.  The agents refused.  During the ensuing gun battle, Agent Jackson and John Garrett were killed and Napoleon Garrett was seriously wounded.


Agent Jackson joined the Prohibition Unit as a "special employee" in 1918 and was appointed a Prohibition Agent on December 20, 1919, with an annual salary of $1,400.  He was also authorized $1,200 per year in expenses.  Agent Jackson's appointment in 1919, distinguishes him as one of the first identified agents to join the Prohibition Unit prior to the effective date of Prohibition on January 16, 1920.  Agent Jackson was born in Newman, GA.  He was survived by his wife and their five children.

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Newspaper article regarding Richard Jackson
Picture of the Atlanta Constitution regarding Richard Jackson.
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