Walter C. Mobray

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Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
December 9, 1926
Location of Death: 
Perry, FL

Circumstances of Death

Prohibition Agents Walter Mobray and Jacob Brandt were working undercover trying to purchase liquor from J. W. Buchanan, in Taylor County, FL.  After talking with the agents outside his residence, Buchanan went back inside on a ruse of getting them some liquor.  However, when he returned he carried a shotgun and revolver and killed both agents. Agent Brandt died at the scene and Agent Mobray died four days later.  Buchanan was arrested and convicted of murder in 1927.  He died in prison at the age of 78 years in 1947.


Agent Mobray joined the Prohibition Unit on May 25, 1925, with an annual salary of $1,680.


Agent Mobray was born in Fork, MD.  He was survived by his wife, Sarah.

Associated Artifacts: 
Image of a telegram regarding the death of Walter C Mobray
Image of Walter C Mobray oath of office document
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