Wesley A. Fraser

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Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
January 2, 1928
Location of Death: 

Circumstances of Death

On December 9, 1927, Prohibition Agents Wesley Fraser and Carl Olson observed a still through an open basement door at a residence on Fifth Avenue, St. Paul, MN.  The agents arrested three suspects working at the still.  Several weeks later, they returned to the residence with a truck to officially seize and remove the remaining still equipment.  While the agents were in the basement, Gulop Nicholich, the property and apparent still owner, returned home with several companions.  Without a word being spoken, he knelt on the ground and fired two shots at the agents through the open basement window, wounding Agent Fraser.  He also attempted to shoot the driver of the truck, but was stopped by one of his companions.  Agent Fraser died enroute to the local hospital.  Nicholich was arrested and charged with first degree murder.  He was later convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.


Agent Fraser joined the Prohibition Unit on November 22, 1926, with an annual salary of $2,100.


Agent Fraser was born in Minnesota.  He was survived by his wife Louise (née Whitback); daughter, Jean; and a son, whose name is unknown.

Associated Artifacts: 
Image of Wesley A Faser's service record card
Image of Wesley A. Fraser's certificate of death
Image of a newspaper article with headline, Life Sentence for Dry's Death
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