William D. Crane

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Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
September 12, 1953
Location of Death: 
Baltimore, MD

Circumstances of Death 

During the late evening hours, Special Agents William Dennis Crane, W. L. Riley, E. J. Miller and L. E. Lorfing were conducting surveillance in the S. Pasca Street area of Baltimore. The agents observed a suspect trying to sell liquor and moved in to arrest him. Agent Crane had to sprint a considerable distance and then struggled with the suspect, who was attempting to flee.

Shortly thereafter, Agent Crane complained of chest pains and was taken to Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, where he was admitted for further tests. However, less than one hour later he died. Death was attributed to a heart condition, aggravated by the stress of making the arrest.


Agent Crane joined the Alcohol Tax Unit on January 30, 1948, although his government service dated back to 1942. He was assigned to various field offices at Chicago, Washington and Baltimore. In May 1953, Agent Crane received a commendation from the Director for the successful investigation and prosecution of a major illicit liquor case.


Agent Crane was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was survived by his wife, Sallye.

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