James Mickelson

The Crime and Investigation

Awaiting trial for pending federal firearms charges, James Mickelson made a fateful decision. He offered $10,000 for the murder of two ATF confidential informants, who would be witnesses in his criminal case. He also facilitated the purchase of a firearm through an intermediary. Mickelson was later electronically recorded admitting his intentions and paying up when he thought one of the murders had been carried out.

The Arrest and Adjudication

After his arrest by ATF Agents, Mickelson pled guilty to a charge of conspiracy to kill a witness in a federal criminal case. He was sentenced to 132 months imprisonment. Rick Guilbert, Mickelson's intermediary, pled guilty to lesser charges and received 12 months imprisonment.

Arrest Image of James Mickelson

Image of Arrest Picture of James Mickelson


Last Reviewed September 22, 2016