Operation Sphinx

The Crime and Investigation

Diaa Moshen was an arms trafficker with connections to terrorist and organized crime groups around the world. A confidential informant introduced Moshen to an undercover ATF agent. Moshen explained to the agent that he wished to acquire U.S. stinger missiles on behalf of a Pakistani intermediary, who planned to transfer the missiles to the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. Other countries were also mentioned as possible recipients.

A long-term, sensitive undercover investigation exposed ties between U.S. citizens and money laundering through cooperative foreign banks. As a result, this cased produced important leads regarding the funding of terrorist activities, prompting the U.S. Customs Service and Federal Bureau of Investigation to join the investigation.

Image of Check used in Money Laundering

Image of Check used in Money Laundering

The Wall Street Connection

Kevin Ingram, a high-level bond trader and mortgage broker, laundered money in the Moshen case. His July 2001 arrest probably saved his life. He was in jail during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and not in his office on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center.


The Arrest and Adjudication

Moshen and four collaborators were arrested in July 2001 on federal charges of conspiracy, Arms Export Control Act violations and money laundering. They pled guilty to various charges and received sentences of 18 to 30 months imprisonment. ATF also seized $185,000 in assets from Kevin Ingram, the defendant involved in money laundering.

Image of Moshen and twoof the four collaborators arrested in July 2001.

Image of Moshen and four collaborators arrested in July 2001
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