Criminal Profiling

Criminal Profiling

Criminal Profiling


ATF behavioral profilers are assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).


Supports bombing investigations

  • Behavioral profilers offer their services to law enforcement or fire services in the United States and worldwide.

Supports arson investigations


Supports the identification, arrest and prosecution of offenders

  • Behavioral profilers analyze the behavior of the offender.

Crime analysis


  • Link serial crimes, identify crime-scene behavior through analysis and interpretation.



  • Develop the behavioral, personality, and biographical characteristics of an unknown offender.


Investigative strategy

  • Use behavioral science principles to suggest investigative techniques in unsolved crimes.


Interview techniques

  • Develop interview strategies to motivate a specific individual to cooperate or confess.
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Thursday, June 14, 2018
Last Reviewed June 27, 2018