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Herman Sutton Barbrey

Name:  Herman Sutton Barbrey

Date of Birth:  1897

Date of Death:  01/05/1934

Location of Death:    Pender County, NC









On 1/3/1934, Special Agents Herman Barbrey, C. C. Keyes and J. J. O'Dea went to the home of M. Frank Millis in the Harrison Creek Section of Ponder County, NC.  At that location they seized a still and arrested Jesse Millis. As Agent Barbrey was escorting the prisoner from the property in his car, Charles Millis, Jesse's brother, shot Agent Barbrey from ambush wounding him in the stomach. Agent O'Dea quickly came to his aid and transported him to the Wilmington Hospital, but Agent Barbrey died two days later.


Agent Barbrey joined the Bureau of Prohibition on 1/7/1928, with an annual salary of $1,811.  He carried badge #1240.


Agent Barbrey was born in Kuner, NC.  He was survived by his wife, Ruby and their three children.