Robert M. Buck

Image of Special Agent Robert Mansfield Buck
Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
February 1, 1932
Location of Death: 
Hancock County, MS
Image of the Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms badge

Circumstances of Death

Prohibition Agents Robert Mansfield Buck and E. Robinson were conducting surveillance and observed two armed suspects, Zeno Hoda and Oscar Favre, at a still in Hancock County, MS.  The agents ordered them to throw down their weapons; but Hoda chose to draw his gun and the agents fired, striking him twice.  Hoda also fired several shots, one of which killed Agent Buck. Hoda and Favre were arrested and charged with murder.  They were sentenced to imprisonment of 34 years and 29 years, respectively.


Agent Buck joined the Bureau of Prohibition on May 12, 1929, with an annual salary of $2,300.  He carried badge #691.


Agent Buck was born in Lexington, MS.  He was survived by his wife, Josie (née Amacker) and son, Robert, Jr.

Associated Artifacts: 
Robert Buck Notification of Death Telegram
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