Stafford E. Beckett

Image of Prohibition Agent Stafford Becket
Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
March 21, 1921
Location of Death: 
 El Paso, TX
Image of the Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms badge

Circumstances of Death

Prohibition Agent Stafford Beckett accompanied by Narcotics Agent Charles E. Wood and several other prohibition agents executed a Federal search warrant at the C.P. Sherman ranch near El Paso, TX. As the agents alighted from their cars, Sherman, hiding behind a building, began shooting at them.  Additional gunfire was directed at the agents from other locations on the ranch.  The agents and suspects exchanged gunfire for over two hours.  Both Agents Beckett and Wood were killed during the gunfight.  Sherman and other suspects were taken into custody and charged under State law with murder and other crimes.


Agent Beckett's name also appears on the DEA Memorial along with Narcotics Agent Charles Wood.


Agent Beckett was survived by his wife, Rose and their two children, Robert and Dorothy.

Associated Artifacts: 
Newspaper article regarding Stafford Beckett
Death Certificate of Stafford Beckett
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