Walter C. Guinn

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Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
January 28, 1941
Location of Death: 
Atlanta, GA

Circumstances of Death

Special Agent Walter Guinn, while driving his government vehicle in downtown Atlanta, was involved in an accident with a trackless trolley. Although quickly rushed to the local hospital, he died shortly thereafter. Investigating officers suspected that the crash was preceded by a possible heart attack and that Agent Guinn was not conscious at the time of the accident.


Agent Guinn joined the Prohibition Unit on June 24, 1922. He served in offices at Ft. Worth, New Orleans and Atlanta. Agent Guinn served with several other government agencies prior to 1922.


Agent Guinn was born in Paris, Tennessee. He was survived by his wife; their son, L. F. Guinn; and a daughter, Mrs. H. A. Sanders.

Associated Artifacts: 
Newspaper article in Atlanta Journal Constitution, dated January 1, 1941, with headline: Heart Attack Hinted as Cause of Walter Guinn's Crash Death
Service Record Card for Walter Guinn
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