Robert R. Evans

Image of Special Agent Robert Richard Evans
Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
April 19, 1941
Location of Death: 
  Durham, NC
Picture of US Treasury Department IRS Investigator badge

Circumstances of Death

Special Agent Robert Richard Evans had spent the evening interviewing a suspect at the Rocky Mount Police Department and was returning to Durham, North Carolina. According to several eyewitnesses, at about 11:15 p.m., as Agent Evans drove along Highway 70 outside Durham, a suspected drunk driver cut in front of his government automobile causing a collision. As a result, the government car overturned and Agent Evans was crushed. He died at the scene.


Agent Evans joined the Bureau of Prohibition on February 6, 1931. He served in many different field offices, including Boston, Baltimore, Providence, Rhode Island; Roanoke, Virginia; Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida; and Charlotte and Durham, North Carolina.

Agent Evans had previously been involved in several well publicized gunfights with moonshiners. He was considered an outstanding agent. Previously, Agent Evans was a detective with the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Police.


Agent Evans was born in Utica, New York. He was survived by his wife, Florence Elizabeth and their daughter, Alona.

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