Roy N. Griffin

Picture of Special Agent Roy Neil Griffin
Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
August 18, 1941
Location of Death: 
Bexar County, TX
Picture of US Treasury Department IRS Investigator badge

Circumstances of Death

Special Agents Roy Neil Griffin and Marvin Pedlar had seized an illicit still on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas. As the agents began dismantling and carrying off the main components for destruction, Agent Griffin was shot and killed from ambush by bootlegger John Mock. Mock was later arrested, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.


Agent Griffin joined the Alcohol Tax Unit on January 20, 1936.


Agent Griffin was born in Knoxville, Arkansas. He was survived by his wife, their son, Roy, Jr., and a daughter.

Associated Artifacts: 
Image of Roy Neil Griffin oath of office document
Image of The Galveston Daily News article with headline Alcohol Tax Unit Investigator Killed in Raid
Image of The Galveston Daily News article with headline, Murder Charges Filed After Shooting of Liquor Investigator
Image of The Austin American article, dated Wednesday, August 20, 1941, with headline Murder Charged After Death of U.S. Investigator
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