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F 5300.9 (Spanish) 4473 - Registro de Transacción de Armas de Fuego (Formulario 5300.9 de la ATF) (616 KB)
La información y certificación del presente formulario sirven para que el que posea una licencia conforme a la sección 923 del título 18, Código de los Estados Unidos, determine si él/ella puede vender o entregar legalmente un arma de fuego a la persona indicada en la sección A y para que el adquiriente/comprador este alertado de las restricciones que se imponen al recibo y la posesión de armas de fuego.
ATF F 5300.9A 4473 Cont. - Firearms Transaction Record Continuation Sheet (ATF Form 5300.9A) (358 KB)

This form is a continuation of Section A of the attached ATF Form 4473 and is completed by the transferor/seller. When completed, this attachment is incorporated into and made part of the ATF Form 4473.

ATF F 5300.9A (Spanish) 4473 Cont. - Hoja de Continuación de Registro de Transacción de Armas de Fuego (Formulario 5300.9A de la ATF) (147 KB)

Este formulario es continuación de Seccion A del Formulario 4473 de ATF y el transferidor/vendedor lo completa. Cuando esté completo, el documento será incorporado y será parte del Formulario 4473 de ATF.

F 5300.9 4473 Part 1— Firearms Transaction Record Over-The-Counter (ATF Form 5300.9) (417 KB)

Used by federal firearms licensees (FFLs) to determine if they may lawfully sell or deliver a firearm to the person identified in Section B, and to alert the transferee/buyer of certain restrictions on the receipt and possession of firearms.

affirmative_action_plan.pdf (120 KB)

FY20 Affirmative Action Plan

F 5300.11 Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Exportation Report (AFMER) (ATF Form 5300.11) (466 KB)

This form is required of all Type 07 and Type 10 federal firearms licensees (FFLs) for reporting production data for the manufacture and exportation of firearms.

Instead of printing this form and mailing it in, please consider using eForms to electronically complete and submit your AFMER form. You can complete the AFMER eForm at  If you need assistance with eForms, send an email to

F 3311.4 Application for Alternate Means of Identification of Firearm(s) (Marking Variance) (ATF Form 3311.4) (483 KB)

This is the form which is used by licensed manufacturers and importers requesting ATF approval to adopt markings on behalf of another manufacturer/importer during firearms manufacturing process. OMB No. 1140-0104 (10/31/2026)

5400.33 Application for an Amended Federal Explosives License or Permit (ATF Form 5400.33) (308 KB)

This application must be completed by any federal explosives licensee or permittee (FEL/P) who intends to make changes, such as the name and/or address, to an active license or permit

F 5300.38 Application for an Amended Federal Firearms License (ATF Form 5300.38) (365 KB)
This application must be completed by any federal firearms licensee (FFL) who intend to change the business and/or mailing address of an active license and certify compliance with the provisions of the law for the new address.
F 5400.13/F 5400.16 Application for Explosives License or Permit (ATF Form 5400.13/5400.16) (420 KB)

This form is used to determine the eligibility of the applicant to engage in certain operations, to determine the location and extent of operations, and to determine whether the operations will be in conformity with federal laws and regulations when working with explosives.

F 6330.1 Application for National Firearms Examiner Academy (ATF Form 6330.1) (244 KB)

This form is for applying to attend the ATF National Firearms Examiner Academy to acquire firearms and toolmark examiner training.

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F 5400.29 Application for Restoration of Explosives Privileges (ATF Form 5400.29) (539 KB)

This form is used to conduct an investigation to establish if it is likely that the applicant will act in a manner dangerous to public safety or contrary to public interest.

F 5320.20 Application to Transport Interstate or to Temporarily Export Certain NFA Firearms (ATF Form 5320.20) (324 KB)

This form is used to obtain permission to temporarily or permanently move your registered National Firearms Act (NFA) machine gun, short barreled rifle or shotgun, or destructive device interstate. Persons other than qualified federal firearms licensees (FFLs) or government agencies are required to obtain this permission.

F 6310.1 Arson and Explosives Training Requests for Non-ATF Employees (ATF Form 6310.1) (219 KB)

This form is for federal, state and local, military and international law enforcement personnel to apply for training conducted by ATF.

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ATF Form 8620.42.pdf (201 KB) Resource Center
ATF National Canine Division Program Application Package (1674 KB)

ATF National Canine Division Program Application Package

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atf_citizens_academy_application.pdf (216 KB) General
F 3210.12 Certification of Qualifying State Relief (ATF E-Form 3210.12) (320 KB)
This form is to be used by a state to certify to ATF that it has established a qualifying mental health relief from firearms disabilities program that satisfies certain minimum criteria under the NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007.
F 5320.24 Description of Firearm and Information on Request for Demonstration (357 KB)

ATF Form 5320.24, Description of Firearm and Information on Request for Demonstration, should be submitted by Federal Firearms Licensees who have paid the special (occupational) tax to import, manufacture, or deal in NFA firearms, for approval to transfer an NFA firearm to a similarly qualified licensee. The completed ATF Form 5320.24 should be completed by a law enforcement agency requesting demonstration of 922(o) machineguns and will serve as supporting documentation for the ATF Form 3 (5320.3), Application for Tax-Exempt Transfer of Firearm and Registration to Special Occupational Taxpayer (National Firearms Act). The furnishing of this information is mandatory pursuant to Federal regulation (27 CFR § 479.105(d)).

F 8620.42 Download Police Check Inquiry (ATF Form 8620.42) (423 KB)

This form must be completed by non-ATF personnel and their ATF sponsors when requesting escorted access to ATF facilities, non-sensitive information, and/or construction sites.

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F 5400.28 Employee Possessor Questionnaire (ATF Form 5400.28) (390 KB)

This form is used to determine the eligibility of the employee possessor (EP) to engage in certain explosives operations.

F 5000.29 Environmental Information (ATF Form 5000.29) (217 KB)
This form is used by ATF to determine if any environmental impact statement or environmental permit is necessary for the proposed operation.
F 4473 (5300.9) f_4473_5300._9_pt._1_spanish_version_change_made_in_june_2023_revised_december_2022_omb_approved_for_6_months_draft_only-_6.13.23.pdf (871 KB)

Proposed ATF Form 4473 Update (Spanish Version)

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F 4590 Factoring Criteria for Weapons (ATF Form 4590) (169 KB)
Form used by ATF to factor the importability of a pistol or revolver.
F 3310.11A Federal Firearms Licensee Firearms Inventory Theft/Loss Continuation Sheet (ATF Form 3310.11A) (177 KB)
This form should be used by Federal Firearms Licensees who require additional space while filling out ATF Form 3310.11, Section C - Description of Firearms.


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