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F 3210.12 March 2016 (Draft with water mark) (732 KB)

Draft version of ATF Form 3210.12, Certification of Qualifying State Relief From Disabilities Program mentioned in the Federal Register Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed eCollection of eComments Requested; Certification of Qualifying State Relief From Disabilities Program-ATF Form 3210.12 60-day notice.

Rules and Regulations
F 7110.15 Forensic Firearm Training Request for Non-ATF Employees (ATF Form 7110.15) (243 KB)

This form is used by federal, state, local and international agencies to register for forensic firearm training with ATF.

Resource Center
f_3312._1_april_2022_approved_draft_6.7.2022.pdf (850 KB)

Form 3312.1

F 8620.65 Request for ATF Background Investigation Information (ATF Form 8620.65) (201 KB)

Federal, state and local agency representatives must complete this form to officially request ATF background investigation information. ATF will make an authorized disclosure determination based on the type of agency requesting the information and the reason for the request.

Resource Center
f_5400._4_may_2022_with_watermark.pdf (863 KB)

Form 5400.4



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