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ATF occasionally issues publications to inform the industries it regulates and the general public about the laws and regulations administered and enforced by ATF. These include guidebooks, newsletters, brochures, studies, and reports. ATF publications do not have the force and effect of federal statutes or Department of Justice regulations, and are not final agency actions. They may also be rescinded or modified at ATF’s discretion.

For more information, see “Memorandum for All Components: Prohibition of Improper Guidance Documents,” from Attorney General Jefferson B. Sessions III, November 16, 2017.

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ATF Industry Circular 75-9: Recodification (619 KB)

This circular is to advise industry members and others concerned that, effective April 15, 1975, Bureau regulations formerly codified as 26 CFR Parts 170 through 299 (Subchapter E--Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Excise Taxes) have been recodified into the Bureau's reserved Title 27 CFR Parts 170 through 299 (Subchapter M-Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Excise Taxes). This recodification merely relocates the regulations and makes no technical changes in requirements.

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ATF Industry Circular 76-3: Explosives Security (579 KB)

Federal explosives licensees and permittees, and others concerned:  On December 29, 1975, a bomb-blast ripped through New York's LaGuardia airport, killing 11 persons and injuring some 15 others. This tragic incident is but the latest in an alarming upward spiral of bombings that have occurred in cities, suburban communities, small towns and rural areas across America in recent years.

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ATF Industry Circular 74-13: Verification of Identity and Status of Firearms Transferees (500 KB)

The purpose of this circular is to remind firearms dealers, manufacturers, and importers of the provisions of 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44, and Subpart F of the Regulations thereunder (26 CFR 178) pertaining to sales or deliveries of firearms or ammunition between licensees.

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ATF Industry Circular 72-30: Identification of Personal Firearms at Premises (361 KB)

The purpose of this circular is to urge licensed firearms dealers to identify their personal collection of firearms kept at the business premises.

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ATF Industry Circular 72-4: Implementation on the National Environmental Policy Act (137 KB)

This Revenue Procedure sets out procedures for furnishing environmental information concerning proposed activities for which applications, notices, bonds, and formulas (hereinafter referred to as applications) are filed with the Internal Revenue Service, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

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ATF Industry Circular 75-8: Multiple Sales of Pistols (3797 KB)

The purpose of this circular is to inform you of the specific provisions of revised regulations that require a Federal firearms licensee to make a report of a multiple sale or other disposition of pistols and revolvers.

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Firearms Commerce in the United States-2011 (873 KB) Firearms Report
Federal Firearms Licensees Newsletter - April 2015 (624 KB)
What’s in This Issue: SHOT Show 2015; New Appointments in Enforcement Programs and Services; ATF Outreach Activities; Organizational Change for Firearms; Technology Branch; Automation of CBP Form I-94; Return of Firearms Received for Appraisal; Revised Federal Firearms License (FFL); Renewal Application (ATF Form 8); Reminders: Reporting Deceased Responsible; Persons to the Federal Firearms Licensing; Center and Submission of Original and Renewal Applications; Use of Internal Control Numbers on ATF; Form 6 Part I; Reminder: Reporting Multiple Sales of Handguns or Certain Rifles; Who to Contact with your Firearms Related Questions
Firearms Newsletter
Federal Firearms Licensees Newsletter - August 2004 (117 KB)

What’s In This Issue: Attorney General Ashcroft Appoints Carl J. Truscott As Director of The Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives; Contiguous State – Part 2; New Tennessee “Certificate For Driving” Is Not An Acceptable Identification Document; Sales To Military Personnel –Residency Verification; FFL EZ Check System; Retention Period For Importer And Manufacturer Records; Is An Expired Driver’s License A Valid Identification Document?; Transportation Of Firearms; Possession Of Handguns By Persons Who Are Under 21 Years Of Age; 5-Year Period For “Grandfathered” Permits Ends; Firearms Transfers After The Mandatory 3-Business Day Waiting Period Has Elapsed And No Response Has Been Received From NICS; 90-Day Residency Requirement For The Purchase Of Firearms By Nonimmigrant Aliens; Reorganization Of Title 27, Code Of Federal Regulations; What Is A Letter Of Continuing Authorization?; (Sample Letter Of Authorization); Activities Authorized By Licensed Collectors Of Curio Or Relic Firearms; Possible Confusion Regarding How To Import Surplus Military Firearms Or Nonsporting Firearms For Law Enforcement Officers; New Firearms Theft/Loss Reporting Form; FBI/NICS

Firearms Newsletter
Memorandum of Merit System Principles and Prohibited Personnel Practices (916 KB)

The fundamental under girding of the entire Federal Human Resources Management system is the Merit System Principles.  The Merit System Principles can be described as the core values that should be expressed in every human resources decision. There are nine Merit System Principles, which can be found in Section 2301(b) of title 5, US.C.

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Department of the Treasury Study on the Sporting Suitability of Modified Semiautomatic Assault Rifles (4/98) (3396 KB)

On November 14, 1997, the President and the Secretary of the Treasury ordered a review of the importation of certain modified versions of semiautomatic assault rifles into the United States.1 The decision to conduct this review stemmed in part from concerns expressed by members of Congress and others that the rifles being imported were essentially the same as semiautomatic assault rifles previously determined to be nonimportable in a 1989 decision by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). The decision also stemmed from the fact that nearly 10 years had passed since the last comprehensive review of the importation of rifles, and many new rifles had been developed during this time.

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TD-461: Correction – Identification Markings Placed on Firearms (Published: 8/13/01) (31 KB)

In rule document 01–19418, beginning on page 40596, in the issue of Friday, August 3, 2001, make the following correction: On page 40596, in the first column, under the heading SUMMARY:, in the ninth line, ‘‘1 1⁄16’’ should read ‘‘1⁄16’’.

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