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The NIBIN Program offers training to Federal, State and local law enforcement partners who currently have or have access to a NIBIN system. Training is offered for acquisition of cartridge cases and, at the current time, navigating the software to perform correlation reviews. The options for training include: contract with Forensic Technology, the manufacturer of the Integrated Ballistic Identification System, to have them conduct the training; make arrangements to be trained at one of the ATF laboratories or alternative sites designated by the NIBIN Program, or have training conducted by an authorized user at the NIBIN site you will be using. All personnel that receive training will have to complete pre-course work to familiarize themselves with terminology and basic features of firearms and fired ammunition components that are critical to successful acquisition and correlation in NIBIN. After being trained to operate the system the student will need to pass a competency test to ensure they know how to correctly enter an item and have that item score in the top 5 on the correlation list. The student’s work product will also be reviewed for a period of time to ensure they continue to properly enter items into the system. Should you have more question on training you can contact the NIBIN Branch at 202-648-7140. At the current time the NIBIN Program does not offer training to develop correlation skills as this is best done by establishing a mentoring relationship with trained and skilled users at the site were the trainee would be performing correlations. >> MORE


Last Reviewed November 19, 2018