Glenn H. Price

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Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
September 3, 1922
Location of Death: 
Grand Ronde, OR

Circumstances of Death

Prohibition Agents Glenn Henry Price and Grover Todd were attempting to arrest a bootlegger named Phillip Warren in Grand Ronde, OR.  Warren escaped, obtained a rifle and killed both agents.  Warren was later taken into custody and charged with murder under State law.


Agent Price joined the Prohibition Unit on February 15, 1922, with an annual salary of $1,800.  He carried badge number #2152.


Agent Price was born in Pulaski City, VA.  He was survived by his wife, who resided in Portland, OR.

Associated Artifacts: 
Newspaper article regarding Glenn Price
Telegram announcing the death of Glenn Price
Oath of Office for Glenn Price
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